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Full Scale Artificial
Brain for Construction

Understanding the construction process takes computer vision to new levels. The complexity of the construction site pushes us to develop new computer vision methodologies that will forever change the field." Ron Zass PhD, Co-founder and Chief Scientist

Constru works to mimic the ability of human engineers to assess the construction process. With breakthrough real-time computer vision, at its core, the platform provides advanced capabilities in identification of objects and contextual information even from low profile RGB spherical images. The initial site understanding is achieved by “seeing” every wall within the constructed building, while the as -built information is fused with additional data sources and examined for discrepancies and anomaly. Understanding the process, drives predictive modeling and patterns to assess the future and effectively predict the project timeline, risks and obstacles.

Computer Vision

Elements Recognition

Utilizing breakthrough algorithms that have been trained on images of millions square feet of construction, Constru develops a Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) to detect elements in your construction site with 99% accuracy. Our proprietary CNN analyzes the on-site images and identifies every individual element across different construction stages, regardless of capture angle or illumination conditions. Despite the significant changes in appearance from one image to the next, our Deep Learning engine identifies types and positions of all elements with best-in-class accuracy and reliability.

Deep Learning

Site Understanding

Holistic understanding of the construction process relies on fusion of multiple data sources to achieve superhuman analysis of on-site activities. To understand the ongoing execution processes, Constru develops a unique Computer Vision approach, which combines information from images with various data sources. Multi-dimensional inputs are fed to our computer vision engine, with a machine learning-based approximation, to go beyond element detection and achieve true understanding of the processes in the site. All this brings best-in-class site understanding into our system.

Artificial Intelligence

Predicting the Future

Every engineer knows that some execution issues may have little effect on the schedule, while others lead to long delays. Constru can spot those critical delays and provide predictive insights on the entire construction process thanks to advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Genetic Algorithms. Our AI harnesses the power of Genetic Algorithms to understand the complex dependencies in the construction process and compare the real-time site status against the planned project timeline, in order to forecast future progress and suggest remedies for overcoming potential delays.

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See the system in action without ever leaving
the comfort of your seat.