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What is Constru? How will it help my business?

Constru dramatically reduces budget and schedule overruns and improves build quality by creating visibility into the construction process. We do this by periodically documenting the site and using computer vision to track progress, identify deviations from plan and detect potential budget and schedule overruns.

Constru empowers everybody on the supply chain — from the foreman to the head of construction — by giving them a clear, immediate picture of what’s happening on site.

With Constru, you will:

  • Access objective data that helps you approve payments.
  • Get a high level overview or zoom in into a detailed progress tracking for any part of the site.
  • Virtually visit any point in your site and compare it to historical data and a 3D model of your plans.
  • Remotely control multiple projects from any location.
  • Manage handover between trades at ease and have clear data to milestones.
  • Detect construction errors early so you can act before they cost you time and money.
  • Deliver on time, on budget and at the highest quality.

How does Constru work?
  1. You send your schedule, plans and drawings in whatever format you work with. If you don’t use BIM, we will create a 3D model of your site.
  2. We start documenting your site on a periodic basis by using 360-degree photography. You can also document the site yourself using equipment we provide, or data from other photo documentation services you use.
  3. Our system analyzes the images and provides reports and dashboards that provide accurate, actionable data that will help you make crucial decisions early.
  4. We continue documenting your site and providing status updates until the project is complete — on time, on budget and at the highest quality.

I'm a developer. How can Constru help me?

For developers, Constru is an effective tool to control budget and schedule and mitigate risk. It allows full visibility into the construction process and gives you early data which is always accurate, unbiased and up-to-date.

With Constru, you will be able to:

  • Get an up-to-date status of your buidling completion at any point;
  • Have clear financial view of each project;
  • Receive early data to make timely, crucial decisions;
  • Get insights on the efficiency of your GCs and management contractors;
  • Faster go-to market ability on time, on budget delivery

I'm a head of construction or VP of construction. How can Constru help me?

With Constru on site, you’ll always have an up-to-date, trusted visibility into any project’s budget, quality and cost, enabling you to mitigate risk and deliver faster and cheaper.

Periodic reports, delivered to you, will help you:

  • Detect overruns before they happen;
  • Approve payments based on objective, accurate information about progress on site specific to individual trades;
  • Get insights on the efficiency of staff and subcontractors;
  • Deliver on time, on budget and at the highest quality.

I'm a project manager. How can Constru help me?

Constru turns your office into a control center, allowing you quick, deep and clear understanding of any project’s status even when the site is far away or inaccessible:

  • Get insights on the efficiency of trades and subcontractors;
  • Manage trades and approve payments based on objective, accurate knowledge of progress on site;
  • Dive into the details – or have a bird’s-eye view – of any job done at any location;
  • Get to the core of quality, budget and schedule issues;
  • Deliver on time, on budget and at the highest quality.

I'm a superintendent. How can Constru help me?

Constru saves you time by collecting all the information about the project’s status for you, making sure you never miss key details. With Constru, you will:

  • Get early information on problems so you can react quickly;
  • Approve payments with confidence based on accurate, objective data;
  • Have all the data on any issue on site collected for you;
  • Manage milestones and handovers with accurate data;
  • Deliver on time, on budget and at the highest quality.

Who already uses Constru?

Contractors and developers around the world use Constru, from the US to Japan.

Where is your service available?

We currently cover the US, APAC and Eastern Europe. For availability in your location, drop us a line at

What do I need to get started?

You will need the site’s approved architectural plans, MEP and fire safety drawings, and a schedule of the project. We support all major formats, including BIM, Primavera P6 and Microsoft Project. For more details, drop us a line at

Do I have to update the system on an ongoing basis to enjoy its benefits?

You need to update the system as your plans change. This ensures you get accurate insights and timely information from Constru. This is the only update you need to make to the system — everything else works automatically for you.

Where can I see your system in more detail?

We would love to show you more. Simply set up a demo today.

Do you document the site yourselves?

We provide documentation services in most locations – but if you prefer to document the site yourself, we’ll provide you with the equipment and (very short!) training to do that.

How often do you need to document the site?

We usually document each site 2-4 times per month. Each construction project is different and its pace changes from phase to phase. We adapt to your building schedule and complexity.

I already have a photo documentation service. Can you use their images?

While our documentation process provides the most detailed, high quality results, we do offer integration with other services, as long as their images are clear and have location and timestamp tagging.

We don't use BIM files. Can we send your our plans in other formats?

Yes. We can work with 2D designs.

We track progress using spreadsheet files. Can Constru align to our process?

Yes. Constru’s data is available in multiple formats. We can generate spreadsheet results in the format that you’re used to using.

Do you have a mobile and tablet app?

Currently, we only support laptops and desktops, but the app is coming! Stay tuned…

Can you integrate with my Primavera P6, Microsoft Project, BIM 360 or Procore?

We accept schedules created in P6, MS Projects or spreadsheets. Direct integrations with project management tools such as Procore and BIM 360 are coming soon.

Our projects change even during construction. Can we update your model based on shop drawings?

Yes. We know how dynamic the construction process can be, and will update your model at any stage of the process. In fact, the earlier we get the data, the better data we can provide.

How soon can you provide results?

Within 24 hours of each photo documentation session.

Can you help me approve payments for subcontractors?

Yes! We help you track jobs and quantities by trades, locations and date ranges so you can make sure you never overpay or pay prematurely.

Why aren't you using LiDAR scanning?

While 3D laser scanning methods offer high-resolution, accurate information in many fields, we think it offers more challenges than opportunities in the high-pace environment of a construction site. Cameras are a more scalable, cost-friendly solution and the information they provide have the level of detail we need to assess construction sites.

We have focused on 360-degree imagery from our inception, and as the market pivots away from LiDAR to 360 imagery this gives us a significant advantage in terms of our product’s maturity and stability.

Do I need to invest in special equipment?

No need. Constru runs on any computer with an internet connection and a browser. If you decide to document the site on your own, we can supply the equipment for you.

How good is your progress tracking?

Extremely detailed and extremely granular. With Constru on site you will know exactly what is the status of any point in the building. Furthermore, we conform to an international standard, CSI-Omniclass, so the information we provide can be integrated into ERP systems and help approve payments.

How good is your element tracking?

We can identify 180+ different elements and match them with an international standard, CSI Omniclass.

What can you detect in terms of quality?

We assess correct installments of elements, sequence of work, location of elements and placement of unplanned and wrong elements.

What is your turnaround time?

You’ll automatically be notified with updated results in the 24 hours after each capture session.

Can you calculate the actual quantities of material used?

Yes. Based on our detailed documentation and computer vision, we can show you how much was used of surface jobs & materials, as well as elements. We do not yet track linear elements.

Can you track my building schedule?

Yes. With Constru you’ll see progression on any point in the site of any job.

We work with the Lean Construction methodology. How can you help us?

Constru is built with Lean Construction in mind. With Constru, you will get dashboards and reports to help you with granularity and visibility.

Do you provide photo documentation in open space sites, during excavation and foundation?

The value you’ll see from Constru is as the project comes out of the ground – where most budget and schedule overruns happen.

Can Constru solutions be used for complex building projects, such as power plants, hospitals, and infrastructure?

We currently focus on multi-family residential, office space and hospitality projects.

How can I update you about changes to the construction plans?

You will contact your dedicated PM representative and provide them with your updated plans in any format you work with.

Do you provide photo documentation on the building exterior?

We currently offer indoor documentation only.

Can you help me to coordinate between trades?

Absolutely. Our Location Based Trade Management and Prerequisite reports give you clarity into what job is being done anywhere on site, and when is any location ready for the next trade, so you can coordinate between trades.

Who owns the data you collect?

You own the images and deliverables of our service.

What's next for Constru? What are you working on right now?

While constantly improving and enriching our algorithms, we also work on:

  • Tighter, richer integrations with all professional construction software in the market.
  • More support for Lean Construction.
  • More detailed reports that will support other processes you have.

Where do you store your data? How do you keep it safe?

We use Amazon Web Services, the world’s leading data storage solution. You can read about Amazon’s security here.

How do you keep the privacy of my employees safe?

We automatically blur all faces in our images in accordance with international standards.

Is your Computer Vision based on Video, Equirectangular Images (360˚) or Standard Photographic Images?

We are working with equirectangular images captured by a standard 360˚ cameras.

Why do you only use photographic data?

With our goal to mimic professional engineers’ brain, our methodology captures the best data to mimic how the project team views and translates the jobsite’s conditions.