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The Future of
Performance Based

Our platform leverages next generation computer vision
and AI to create insights for data driven decisions.
Providing image based data mapped to your projects,
Constru is your partner to drive exceptional project outcomes.

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Constru is an AI-powered construction solution that turns captured imagery into insights
for better data-driven decision making.

We drive efficiency on projects by providing teams the ability to get first-hand, image-based
data, process it for insight, and see it in context mapped to project plans.

Access Your Jobsite Remotely in 360 Degrees

360° cameras drive seamless, scalable and cost effective data capture. Do it yourself or have a dedicated Constru team conduct ongoing jobsite documentation for your projects.

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Understand Your Project Like Never Before

Our next generation computer vision tracks work progress and evaluates actual project status vs. planned work.

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Streamline and Automate your Project Schedule

Integrations with leading planning platform such as Oracle P6 and MS Project, combined with computer vision and AI to detect job completion and discrepancies, allows you to fully automate and streamline your project schedule.

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Transform Your Projects Through Data

Continuous tracking of over 25 work categories and 250 construction jobs powers our industry leading jobsite analytics platform, enabling true performance based construction that increases the performance of your projects.

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Deliver every project on time,
on budget, at top quality.

Measure earned value and control cash flow

Continuous tracking of completed jobs and materials used enables simplified budget monitoring and provides you with indisputable data to streamline the payment processes.

Update schedule actuals and track performance

Next generation computer vision enables real-time progress tracking that is directly integrated with your schedule and planning platform, enabling you to avoid delays and stay on schedule.

Detect discrepancies and faulty installations

Our system analyzes on-site imagery and continuously compares, detects and alerts for discrepancies before they become costly, empowering you to deliver top quality work on every project.

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Next Generation Computer Vision and AI

Our breakthrough technology works to mimic the ability of human engineers to assess the construction process.

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From Autonomous Vehicle to Construction

With decades of experience in autonomous vehicle technology, Constru works to bring the power of computer vision and AI to construction.

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