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From Autonomous Vehicles to Construction

Constru was founded by seasoned construction and technology experts who are painfully familiar with the lack of clear data in the construction industry. After working on similar technology for autonomous vehicles, they embarked on a mission to leverage computer vision and AI to illuminate the construction projects, and create a positive impact on its bottom line.

Bringing breakthrough artificial vision technology into the construction sector

The solution greatly exceeds human capabilities in inspection and analysis of the construction process. The platform, already deployed with leading general contractors and owners, assesses project execution quality, budget, and schedule. Constru thus effectively reduces project risk, improves efficiency, and increases ROI.

Along with a highly synergistic team and rich patent portfolio, Constru aims to become a must-have component within the construction eco-system and to change forever the way construction projects are executed and managed.

My ultimate vision is to transform the industry through data. This is highly challenging in construction but will drive the largest business impact in history.” Michael Sasson, Co-Founder and CEO
For the past two decades in construction, I have recognized the need for change in adoption of advanced technologies. Now my mission is to make this change happen.” Shalom Bellaish, Co-founder and Chief Construction Technologies
My passion for computer vision already brought science fiction into a reality for several traditional industries. Construction is the most significant and challenging of them all.” Ron Zass PhD, Co-founder and Chief Scientist