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Harness Computer Vision
to Get Total Jobsite

Constru develops next-generation computer vision
technology to digitize the entire construction process.
Our revolutionary platform monitors every job on every
wall to deliver actionable insights, boost efficiency and
amplify ROI.

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Constru brings a breakthrough computer vision technology to digitize the construction process and deliver actionable insights.
The platform deploys virtual superhuman engineers, monitoring every job, on every wall throughout the construction process.

Access Your Jobsite Remotely in 360 Degrees

Instantly inspect your entire jobsite using an intuitive and feature-rich spherical image navigation pane.

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Understand Your Project Like Never Before

Track your schedule and job progress on-the-go, identify discrepancies sooner and resolve issues faster.

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Predict the Progress of Your Project

Foresee project schedule through completion, forecast budget overruns, and estimate future risk.

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Transform Your Organization Through Data

Streamline your processes, acquire valuable data-driven insights, and gain better clarity on every project.

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Deliver every project on time,
on budget, at top quality.

Control construction costs

Track progress in real-time using AI and computer vision to detect issues before they overrun your budget.

Accelerate construction timeline

With real-time job progress and schedule tracking, you can plan in advance for delays and stay on schedule.

Deliver superior quality

Detailed quality monitoring and discrepancies detection assures you deliver top quality.

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Full Scale Artificial Brain for Construction

With breakthrough real-time computer vision, Constru works to mimic the ability of human engineers to assess the construction process.

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From Autonomous Vehicle to Construction

With decades of experience in autonomous vehicle technology, Constru works to bring the power of computer vision and AI to construction.

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See the system in action without ever
leaving the comfort of your seat